a greeting in Sri Lanka which means both ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ it is a sincere wish of good health and happiness to the person receiving it, for all the days of their lives. AYUBOWAN.

Born of tree sap and raindrops…

I’m Dash Cooray and I live in the central mountains of Sri Lanka on banks of a river that inspires myths, where we don’t lock our doors at night and our closest neighbours are a mile away.

I have a deep love of the outdoors, having been born on a farm on a rainy day and spending my toddler years fostered by trees.

I’m ethnically Sinhalese, descend from a long-line of fisherfolk that were born of the dragon steed of the god of the ocean and have a bastardised Portuguese surname.

Gender-swapped Sleeping Beauty retelling full of unique Sri Lankan flair

My WIP is a gender-swapped SLEEPING BEAUTY retelling set in a fantastical world based on ancient Sri Lanka; in which, a nomad’s daughter returns to the kingdom in order to rescue her childhood friend the Crown Prince who has been kidnapped by rebels; aided by several others, including the Prince’s younger brother, all of whom may not be who they seem. Before she knows it, she finds herself a catalyst in a brewing war threatening to be far deadlier than all the previous, combined.

This tale pulls from the ethnic division in my country, it’s bloody history as well as the magic that permeates the myths of yore. There are flying ships, magical elephants and colourful clothes and food.



I want my story out in the world.

For Sri Lankan kids, who never find themselves in fantasy and for all brown kids.

That is one of the reasons I will be submitting to #pitchwars in 2018.

I’ve grown up without representation in my favourite genre and I want to be a catalyst in changing that.

Here are a few snippet from my WIP

Love, Dashie