excerpts & snippets from my writing diary

Whilst in the midst of pondering topics for a blog post – as I have gleefully ignored my blog despite my adamant declarations at the start of the year that I would abandon it no longer – I came to the startling realisation that I had not written a single post that focused on my writing journey, despite the blog being that which belongs to someone who is predominantly a writer.

I’d say that was poor form, in my part.

And so it was that for this blog post, I decided, I was going to share some glimpses into my writing diary – not actual glimpses, you wouldn’t want to see the state of it! – and maybe a few snippets from my current wip, tentatively titled The Sleeping Prince as I try to achieve the impossible and complete a novel in time for this year’s Pitch Wars.

For more information on what my WIP is about you can follow this thread on Twitter and generally, follow me, because I tweet a lot about it.

MAY 2018


  • I’m currently on Chapter 29. I have found that ever since I had the vision of how this story was going to end, my ability to unleash decadent prose seemed to have waned.
  • I was talking to my CP about it and she suggests that maybe I’m succumbing to The Pressure of the Ending know that everything is in plain sight. I know where I need to go, I’m just scared shitless wondering how to get there.
  • Sadly, it has put a damper of sorts on my earlier elation of having solved a drastically gaping plothole and the subsequent barrage of inspiration both in terms of plot and wrapping it all up.


  • After a lot of meticulous chewing of pen clips, I was able to complete Chapter 29. It all came to me in a fresh wave of inspiration that ambushed me in the wake of a wondrous thunderstorm after several days of hot sun. So a reprieve in a drought; both to my writing and the land around me that fuels it!
  • I clacked away on the keyboard as the merciless rain pelted the window panes and 2000 words later, the chapter is not only complete, it is deliciously lyrical, if I may say so myself.
  • As I reread it, I could see it all play behind my eyelids in epic technicolour and in that moment I was breathless and invincible!


  • I always forget it when I am wallowing in the marsh pits of a Brand New Blank Page; but since last year, I no longer get writer’s block. Of course, I do have periods of hair-tearing anguish when every word I write is as rotten as the insides of Snow White’s poisoned apple, but I am never out of words.
  • I always have words, even though they are not very good words.


  • 75K!!!
  • The words may not always flow, but they are there and they help me shuffle along to where I want to go. This was all possible after I gave myself the promise that I could go back and edit what I wrote, right after I get to the end of the chapter. In my head now, I write in layers, like putting back the pieces of a dissected onion until it becomes whole. So whenever I am devastated by the sentence I have written, my conditioned mind points out that this is only the bones, only the bones. You can come back and add the fleshy bits.


  • I am a fraud. Why am I writing? I will never pull this off!
WORD COUNT: 75,475



JUNE 2018


  • I’ve been sick for a while now and I can’t seem to focus long enough to get some writing done.
  • Success! I went back to edit chapters 27-29 instead of writing and noticed that I could improve upon the pacing if I divided 29 into two. Chapter 30 may be my current favourite chapters in the WIP!


  • Ah, how much of a struggle this wordsmithery is! There is a part of me that keeps harkening back to the fact that I no matter how much I write; I may never make it. That no matter how well I write; that luck might be against me.
  • A/N: “I was overwhelmed with sad thoughts that week because of my sinus infection so I’ve omitted out the rest of the entries.”


  • I haven’t written at all this week, but I have been reading quite fiercely and with it, my mood has improved in leaps and bounds. Apparently I was all out of gas! As I read and other people’s lyrical prose gets melded in my kaleidoscope mind, I am able to feel better about myself and writing.
  • One must, on occasion, take a break from exhaling words to inhale some.


  • I have read 2 short stories and 2 books in four days!
  • I am writing again! I have completed two chapters and they both make sense to me. In an effort to entice myself, I sent a few of my friends some chapters for a critique. It worked!
  • Regarding critiques, despite me not following my own advice – I feel that having someone critique your first draft is a very dangerous thing to do. If by accident your beta reader happens to be one of those well-meaning but extremely critical types, you might find your creativity hacked to death in their words. It happened to me once, with this very WIP. I stayed away from it for a whole year!
  • It is important to remember that the first draft is merely what it is a loose collection of bones strung together with spider web string. A full novel comes much later.


  • My brother is sick and my anxiety is out of control. So no writing this week!
WORD COUNT: 76,000

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